Dear Sir,

I am a member of Great Aycliffe Parish Youth Group who normally meet monthly at St. Clare’s. This February we have decided to take part in a “Share the Love” mission project.

The project is centred around the bible passage, John 3, which shows the strength of love when it is shared with others and given freely. We began with launching a “Windows of Love” project, a short video explaining this can be found on our Facebook page: Youth/childrenstclares

I made a garland of coloured hearts and have placed it in my bedroom window, where it is visible for people to see. A visible sign of love from my house to yours. We shared this idea with our neighbours and they too have started to create window displays to share the love around our community.

We would like to invite the people of the Parish to join in and to send the photographs of their windows to our Facebook page.

Since launching the appeal we have shared songs too. As a group we have much more planned for the month of February – so please do keep a watch out for us, join in and help “Share the Love”.

Parish Youth Worker, Helen McCormick, added “Set against the tragic backdrop of reaching the 100,000 milestone of deaths from Covid-19 and the millions of families affected with the sheer sadness of it all, Parish Youth have launched a ‘Share the Love’ project.

It is important to feel loved, to know you are loved and ultimately to ‘Share the Love’! This has huge implications for the mental health of not only our young people, but for everyone. That’s why we are encouraging our communities to join in. We have a number of ideas, including the Windows of Love, which we are beginning to see appear across our town. Sharing inspirational music, caring for our neighbours and the creation are just a few – but we would encourage people to keep watching Facebook: Youth/childrenstclares and also the Parish of Great Aycliffe Facebook page, there may be a few more surprises as we continue through February and hopefully enter a spring time with lots to look forward to!