Introducing 4Racing which has been set up by Graham Arnold & Ian Griffiths as a fundraising campaign to help horse-racing stable staff, the heartbeat of the industry, that have suffered due to COVID-19. They feel it is important to give something back to the industry that gives pleasure to so many people and employment to thousands as well.

4Racing is an official charity partner of Racing Welfare and fundraisers for Riders Minds

They have a website, Facebook page and group, the links are shown below.

One big part of what they are doing is to have 2 horses leased to run for the campaign. One is in Ireland and one in England. The trainers are both young, ambitious trainers who were happy to get behind the campaign as Brand Ambassadors as was well known commentator Derek ‘Tommo’ Thompson and former jockey and his wife; Brian & Jackie Storey.

The horse they have in training in England is with Rebecca Menzies, who trains at her Howe Hill Stables near Sedgefield.

She is a lovely 4yo mare called Snowy Burrows.

4Racing are charging no admin fees at all for this and any surplus, over and above the expenses of having the horse, go to the fund.

4Racing are selling shares in Snowy Burrows, limited to 100 each. They are available through the website: at £325 for the year as a one-off payment or £30 per month in instalments, making them affordable to all. If they manage to sell all 100 shares, thousands of pounds will be raised for the campaign.

Racing is such a huge industry and important to so many economies why not get behind this a little and show some support and at the same time have some fun!

Graham said, “I am sure at £30 per month so many people would want to get involved if we can we get the message out to a wider audience as possible. This is where we need help from everybody that loves their racing or rely on it to earn a living. People will surely want to get involved as they will be contributing to a good cause at the same time as having fun with the horses”

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