Freya was a fit and healthy 5 year old little girl, doing normal girly things, until her behaviour started to change, becoming upset over little things, having nightmares, developing a limp and finally her speech was effected.

In May the family received the diagnosis that she had a grade 1 glioma on the brain stem which is inoperable. Since then she has undergone numerous blood tests, steroid treatment, hourly observations and a brain biopsy, physiotherapy a day in intensive care, an operation, 2 MRI scans, 1 emergency CT scan, kidney function and hearing tests, eye tests and 2 weeks of chemotherapy.

Her journey is in total going to last 52 weeks after 10 intensive weeks of chemotherapy Freya will have a scan and hopefully if the tumour has remained the same or shrank, she will be reduced to monthly chemo sessions as an out patient.

Freya has been visiting Tesco since she was a baby and has grown to love the store and the team. Freya loves to come to all the craft events held in store and is a regular in the cafe, where all the staff know her and even want her birthday party in the store. In support of the hospital that has been treating Freya we had a weekend of fundraising in aid of Ward 4/14.

Freya came to work for the day on Thursday, when we surprised her with her very own Tesco uniform and name badge and she helped raise over £1000 by raffling a wine hamper, collecting donations from customers, serving some willing customers on her very own till and on Saturday sold cup cakes for the afternoon.


Freya 1