North-East leading health and wellbeing charity Pioneering Care Centre (PCP) along with Wellbeing for Life will be hosting a FREE digital health workshop, showing participants around the NHS website ‘One You’ – promoting physical fitness. The workshop will take place in the centre Thursday, 7th March 2019 from 10.00 – 14.00.
‘One You’ has a range of apps to help people keep track of their fitness on a daily basis and encourage people to start exercising regularly to create a better version of themselves. PCP will host the workshop in March to show people how to use these apps and improve online and mobile knowledge. Wellbeing Practitioners from Wellbeing for Life will be on hand to offer support to those wanting to improve their fitness levels.
Everyone is welcome to take part in this FREE workshop. Enjoy finding out how you can track many different things on your phone; from heart rate to exercise count to a balanced diet! These apps will allow you to stay focused and be in control of your exercise levels without falling behind; create plans suitable for you and build on them as you go. Take small steps to becoming a healthier you!
If you have any further questions; please contact the Pioneering Care Centre for details.
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