The Year 5 pupils at Sugar Hill Primary school have recently taken part in an exciting sleepover event to support and raise money for the Ukraine.
Through their project work, the children have been learning how and why conflict might occur and this has been highlighted by the crisis situation that has arisen between Russia and the Ukraine.
In order to raise money, and to enhance their understanding of what it might feel like to sleep somewhere unusual and a little less comfortable than their own bed, the pupils slept in the school hall overnight. Although the event was planned to include a variety of activities for the children to enjoy, the main focus of the experience was to create empathy with those children who might be sleeping in much worse conditions in the Ukraine.
Class 11 teacher, Mr Ferguson, said, “The pupils have really enjoyed their peace and conflict project and showed a great desire to help those in need. We are very proud of everyone involved in the event, especially those pupils and staff who had an uncomfortable night’s sleep!”
To date, Year 5 have raised a very impressive total of £818.99 which will be sent to the Ukraine by the end of the week.