Dear Sir,

Further to your article from last week at Simpasture:

I have enclosed three photos of Travellers Green area, where they have been demolishing the old bungalows and building more. I am a wheelchair user, so, how am I supposed to get past these vehicles safely?

Both vehicles are parked 100% on the footpath and a van across a disabled access ramp. This is just the start of the development.

I have a friend who is registered blind with a guide dog who visits me, how can he get safely past these vehicles?

The residents who live in that area are also parking vehicles on the grass, instead of on the road and are chewing up the grass, it is in a right state here now.

This is beyond a joke and it is the same workers that are working up at Simpasture shops, which was in the Newton News last week.

Many Thanks

Name & address supplied