Dear Sir, A little while ago I responded to Mr Phil Wilson’s invitation through the Newton News. That it was not published was entirely my fault but despite you giving me the opportunity to abbreviate it I could not do so without losing the factual details it contained. Nevertheless I thank you for that courtesy. I posted it to Mr Wilson so he knows my thoughts and conclusions which briefly, support the well considered views of Mr John Snowball whose thoughtful letter you published earlier. I attempted to express details for and against both the EU and the UK Facts, which we never hear from politicians or from much of our media who print the appalling political infighting so detrimental to the welfare of the Country they were elected to cherish. To remain within the Customs Union is not Out; to accept the present ‘Deal’ is not Out and Out was the decision of the people’s vote in the Referendum. A voters decision; no second Referendum can be validated without destroying the very basis of democracy. Our democracy is under major threat from our own elected Representatives defying the majorities within their own constituencies. I ask the question “What logical reason can there be in keeping a democratically elected Representative, who refuses to represent the majority wishes of the people who elected him/her by failing to support their choice decided (democratically) by public vote?” There is a National Petition under way on this very question. I have signed it. All within the EU is far from sweetness and light. All within the UK is not gloom and doom. Either or rather both paths are facing some real difficulties. Lies have been told on both sides. But last week Salesforce, one of the worlds biggest technology companies showed it’s faith by substantial investment here. This week Canada’s Saputo, a similar world status company, announced an investment of almost £1 billion. Real confidence by shrewd people, in the UK’s future. World wide investment continues. The scaremongering story on Nissan politicised last week, was not the whole truth. It seems the new Xtrail will not be built here. The costs of meeting new European emission standards is high and the prospective life of diesel is only 10 years. So it may not be built anywhere. So there is good news. Not all is bad. Equally within the EU not all is good news. It has financial, economic and social/immigration problems which need rectifying. It would be fine to make a deal but only if it were to advantage, not tied hand and foot, still able to make our decisions. The EU is determined that isn’t going to happen also to make us an example as a deterrent. The alternative is a No Deal – by choice – not the emotive ‘crash out’ being bandied about. There is no logical reason why it would not work in our long term favour. J D Whittaker