The Championships were held at Sheffield on the 2nd and 3rd June and at Leeds on 9th and 10th June. Sedgefield 75 ASC had four swimmers competing, Mattie Walker-Smith, Hannah Featherstone, Sam Dixon and Mathew Bradley and between them they made a total of fourteen finals.
On Saturday at Sheffield, Hannah took silver in the 100 Backstroke and 5th in the 200 Freestyle. Sam won bronze in the 200 Butterfly and Mathew was fourth in the 100 Breaststroke. Sunday saw Mathew take the bronzein both the 100 Backstroke and the 200 Freestyle.
Sam was placed fourth in the 400IM. Saturday at Leeds produced four finals, Mathew taking silver in the 100 Freestyle and fifth in the 200 IM and seventh in the 200 Backstroke. Hannah won the silver medal in the 100 Butterfly. Sunday was a good day with Hannah taking the gold medal in the 100 Freestyle and silver in the 200 Backstroke and Sam winning the bronze medal in the 100 Butterfly and being first reserve for the 400 Freestyle. Good swims by all the swimmers who competed in a way that brought great credit to the club.