Dear Sir,

Ref: ‘Fracas at The County’ May I ask the correspondent why you felt it necessary to pen your letter, other than for the purposes of ‘tittle tattle’?

I also wonder why you have not seen fit to publish your name? As a ‘historian’, you of all people should know the relevance of factual, evidence-based reporting to ensure that the story is accurate!

Can you confirm that you were in the County on the evening in question; and were within a few meters of the incident? Otherwise you are guilty of pedalling third hand information for your own glorification – neither Christian, nor prudent.

I can inform you that as one of the two people involved in the ‘fracas’ – therefore a first-hand participant – no punches were thrown, and for my part (and that is all I am prepared to comment on) I certainly did not swear.

Unfortunately, as no punches were thrown, the second part of your letter is no more than a diatribe concerning your desire to pigeonhole everyone into your own personal belief structures…

On a point of order, I am an Omnitheist (please look it up before you jump to any conclusions about what you think it means) and the other party is Catholic; so the fictitious throwing of the non-religious punch is somewhat of a moot point as your assertions are all incorrect – about faith and pugilism (lack of evidence based in fact is often a downfall to debate).

I’m now off to cut a slice of bread from a fresh loaf, and I am sure that the other party is likely to have a glass of red wine in the next couple of weeks – please do not use this as the basis of your next letter concerning the ‘debasement of the sacrament’.

I would agree with your point that Stuart & Collette are great hosts, and although not the instigator of the incident, I am socially responsible and man enough to apologise to those whose enjoyment of the evening was marred.

Julian Lenahan