Dear Sir,
If you drive a large van, you need to think about where you intend to park it at night.
For several months now, the junction at the top of Stag Lane and Woodham Way has been plagued by several large work vans, caravans and cars, all parking within a cars length of the junction making it unsafe when entering Stag Lane as it’s not possible to see if anything is coming up the road and, having experienced several close calls, I am surprised nothing worse has happened yet.
The layby adjacent to Woodham Park has recently had parking restriction signs erected to prevent similar vehicles parking there all day and night.
Can similar not be done on Stag Lane and if there are any such signs left, perhaps put some outside Bethany House Community Centre on Woodham Way, to prevent people parking all along there, again restricting drivers views of oncoming vehicles and parking opposite junctions?
A disgruntled Woodham resident