Hi everyone, Jess Webb here again to introduce you to the next key worker I have interviewed from our town; Lisa Peart.

Lisa has been a social worker for the last 10 years, where she reports to have provided a high-quality service in relation to all aspects of the assessment and care management process, whilst also meeting the needs of vulnerable adults.

Within her role she is very committed to involving people, their careers, families and friends in every issue related to their care. She also strives to ensure that the people who she supports are able to identify, build and use their own strengths and abilities.

Lisa feels that lived experiences are important for her role, and that her own experiences have helped her to become a good social worker as this has allowed her to be able to empathise with others and provide the appropriate support when it is needed.

When asked what she needed to do to get into social care, Lisa said she completed a number of courses including an access course in BTEC care. She also attended Teesside University and completed a 3 year degree in Social Work and Mental Health Nursing.

Her previous jobs have mostly included working in care environments, such as a nanny, care assistant, and even an activity care coordinator in an older person’s care home. These previous jobs gave Lisa a range of opportunities to gain the experience needed for her current job and benefited her hugely.

For Lisa’s job, you require:

• Problem solving skills to advise people on the best support for them;

• Digital skills to keep records and find information online;

• The ability to stay calm under pressure;

• Team working skills to work with other social care and health professionals;

• Good communication and listening skills.

When asked what she likes most about her job, Lisa said “I get a sense of happiness when I have worked with individuals that need additional support, to complete goals which they wished to do. Also being able to protect and safeguard individuals from exploitation due to their vulnerabilities”

However, when asked what she likes least about her job, she replied “It is heartbreaking watching individuals in crisis situations and when an individual you have worked with becomes very unwell and needs to go into hospital”.

It is essential that everyone considers their work life balance to promote their own well-being, and when asked what Lisa likes to do in her spare time, she reported that she enjoys going for bike rides, spending time with her grandchildren, and of course spa days with friends! She also told me that her favourite film to watch is Grease and to go with this she loves cheese and wine, which I hope is in moderate amounts!

Hope Lisa’s interview might provide some inspiration for pursuing a career in social care.

I am sure you would like to join me in thanking Lisa, and recognising the key and vital role that she plays in society. Thank you Lisa!