It’s not every day you swear your policing oath to Queen and country online.

But that’s exactly what our newest recruits completed during their attestation before a local magistrate.

The 26 probationary officers are believed to be the first in the force’s history to complete the important step solely online amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new recruits began their training on January 18 and are the first to embark on the Degree Holders Programme – a two-year-course at our specially-designed training facility at Meadowfield.

Policing Skills Trainer, PC Jeff Summerhill, said: “Completing your attestation is always a defining moment in your officer training and these new recruits will definitely remember theirs.

“This continues to be an unprecedented time for the new officers but we are really looking forward to having them embark on their new careers as PCs and are sure they will embrace these challenges as all our officers always do.”