Today is the launch of the new Newton News website, which Newton Press hope will become a centre of activity for all things “Newton Aycliffe”.
The site incorporates a few suggestions from readers and local residents and we continue to need your help and input, We want you to be involved to grow the site into a useful tool for ALL.
Special thanks to Design365 for the hard work they have put into this project.
All the original information can still be viewed; such as photos of old and new Newton Aycliffe, Town Mayor and Local MP, Aycliffe Angels, Town Organisations, History of Newton Aycliffe, Noteworthy Events and of course an Archive of past Newton News editions dating back to 1948 (this is an ongoing project, but should be complete shortly).
A few of the new suggestions and ideas are as follows:
VIDEO: Peter Quest and Malcolm Singleton have volunteered their services to attend as many local events as possible and record them for posterity on the new site. Newton Press has also invested in a HD, broadcast quality video camera for the occasions when Peter or Malcolm are not available. So when organising your next event, don’t forget to invite Newton News, or record your own footage and send the film or YouTube link to
SHOPPING AREAS: A map and list of Newton Aycliffe shopping areas. In this section you will be able to view all the retail outlets, you can also select a shop unit and find out more information about the business at this address. There will be more to come on this section over the next couple of months – watch this space!
COTTAGE INDUSTRY: We would also like to add small home-based cottage industries to the shop section. If you run a small home based business we want to hear from you. Examples of this are home made products (candles, soap, knitwear), handmade gifts or cards, crafts, patchwork, quilting, tatting, crochet, cushions, bracelets, paper craft or cake making and decorating. Send your information to
BUSINESS PARK: A map of the business park is also included (which can be zoomed into), as well as a list of all the businesses on the estate. This section will also be extended shortly with an individual page for each business, giving information about the business, address, website and contact details.
COMMUNITY BLOG: This is your section where you can request help, ask for volunteers, make suggestions and comments or announce a forthcoming event. This is important if you are planning a major activity and do not want it to clash with another similar event on the same day. You can also use the site to recommend a local service or supplier.
COMMENTS: Each week the latest news stories will be published on the site, and Newton News offer readers the opportunity to comment on news stories. (this section will be monitored for legal reasons).
EVENTS CALENDAR: A local events calendar or “date claiming” will also be shown for any school, club, church or organisation who plan on holding an event locally. Send your information to  If you are a sports club, why not send us your complete fixture list and they will also be added to the site.
JOB VACANCIES: We are keen to help residents looking for employment to find their perfect job. If you are an employer looking for staff, this is going to be a good place to advertise your vacancy.
Send your information to us and we will help you search for the staff you need.
ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE: Another section which will be useful for locals as well as those looking to move to the town. Send your accommodation information; whether it is a room for rent or a house . . . rent it via
FACEBOOK, TWITTER & YOUTUBE: Newton News is linked to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With over 4200 Facebook likes and a rising Twitter following, Newton News can be viewed on these Social Media sites. Our video footage (and yours) will be added to our YouTube channel “thenewtonnews”.
NEWSLETTER: Sign up for our Newsletter for special local offers and other website updates.
SEARCH: A better search engine will help you to find any story which has been uploaded to the site in the last two years.
INFORMATION: Other information which can be found on the website include Doctors, Pharmacies, Dentists, Opticians, Hospitals, Vets, Funeral Directors, Fire Police, Ambulance, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Churches, Town and County Councillors, Town Crest, Parks, Golf Courses, Cemeteries, Care Homes, Schools, Community Centres and Public Services. If you can think of anything we have left off, please let us know and we will add it for the convenience of all.