A new Heighington team, which has been together for about three months now, have a good group of lads who are getting better and better every training session. The lads who joined the team have started to get to know each other and are now starting to become friends off the pitch as well.
Some joined with low confidence and have progressed very well and are starting to gain confidence on and off the pitch. We try and make sure the players are always happy and are having fun.
The team will be joining a league next season which is a very exciting prospect for them, but we need more players to enter, so if your child would like to come along and join, they are very welcome.
Please contact, call or text 07887 381227.
To all the parents and children who are part of the team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Sam, Ged and John.

heighington u10s