From September, Woodham Academy will be introducing the Duke of Edinburgh Award for students aged 14-16. The award focuses on the wider, holistic school environment and has a significant impact on all. Students will become more resilient, develop independence and enhance their self-esteem.

Additionally, the leadership qualities gained from participating in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme are viewed favourably from colleges and universities and have the advantage of improving future aspirations.

Furthermore, this award is nationally and internationally recognised by employers who value this programme as a strong attribute in young people.

Students will start with the Bronze Award. For this, they are expected to complete 4 sections: volunteering, physical and a skill which they can either learn or develop. Each will be completed over a 3-month time period. There is a 1 night 2 day expedition to complete this section.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a fantastic opportunity to try something new whilst meeting new people and having fun. It will start in the new term and we look forward to seeing you there in September. The Duke of Edinburgh Award programme is part of Woodham Academy’s Leadership Academy.