The new facility at ROF 59 opens on Saturday 16th December 2017 with courses and party bookings available from 2nd January 2018. ROF 59 have invested £350k and created two full time and 10 part time jobs.

ROF 59 host a modern, dedicated indoor bouldering and climbing area for people of all ages and abilities. The climbing centre features dedicated bouldering walls; mosaic walls rising up to 16m; a 21m tower section, two speed climbing walls and themed adventure walls. Climbing is an amazing sport that is growing faster then ever before, it offers a whole range of benefits to people of all ages and abilities and can be used to keep fit, to improve technical ability or just for a bit of fun! Whatever your motivation, anyone can enjoy climbing.

Climbing has many benefits including problem solving and communication – don’t forget it can be used as an awesome fitness activity as well. Climbing is a social sport so ROF 59 boasts a fantastic facility to do just that with its Bunker Bar and Blitz Restaurant!
ROF 59 offer a range of courses for all ages and abilities as well as birthday parties and kids climbing clubs.

BoulderingThe bouldering area is made up of 3 different walls. There is a novice area with slab and vertical sections. An intermediate area with vertical and small overhanging sections. Then on the freestanding boulder there is a large 3.3m overhanging area to appeal to more advanced climbers. The bouldering area provides challenges suitable for all levels of ability.

Mosaic WallsThe mosaic design area offers 16 climbing lines with a mixture of lead and bottom rope climbing techniques to be used. A large two metre overhanging section and a variety of climbing volumes have been included to allow climbers to test their abilities. Each climbing line will average three separate routes. The climbing wall includes a wide variety of slab, vertical and overhanging sections to test all levels of climbers.

Tower AreaThe 21m tower area offers 25 climbing lines featuring a mixture of lead only lines along with optional lead or bottom-roped lines. The 21m heights allow climbers to test their endurance with higher finishing points on a large variety of climbing grades. This area contains vertical, stepped and overhanging sections, some of which reach out up to 7m. With overhangs, volumes and 2 routes per line this area has something for everyone.

Speed WallsThis area is great to push your climbing to new limits with the side-by-side speed climbing walls, complete with speed auto-belays and timers to see just who is the fastest climber. Large hand-holds allow fast movement over this 10% constant overhang. With a bit of practice you will be at that 15m high stop button in no time!

Adventure WallsThe newly revamped adventure walls finish the climbing centre off nicely offering an easy access climbing experience to all ages. These climbing walls feature fun shapes and colours. All walls feature auto-belays and are in their own dedicated zone meaning these walls are great for large groups such as birthday parties.