By PC Holly McCabe

PACT Meeting: 10th February, 6pm, on Police Facebook page

This week has had seen some lovely weather, and this will hopefully continue as the clocks go forward on this weekend – Summer is definitely on its way.

The Neighbourhood team have been busy this week and have given out three fines in relation to people not complying with the government restrictions with regards to Covid-19. The team have been out on patrol on mountain bikes this week, which has allowed further engagement with the community by different means and allowing police access to routes that our vehicles can’t access which will assist us in various incidents in the future.

On Sunday an off-road quad was seized, that was causing a nuisance to the community, and the rider will appear in court soon for driving offences. An incentive has been agreed which will be offered through Crimestoppers for information leading to the seizure of off-road bikes, and/or apprehension of the rider, where criminal damage has been caused – having been ridden whilst the rider was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or there has been driving offences. The appeal for information must be specific, relating to a certain bike in a certain area at a certain time and is not an appeal for general info regarding off road bikes. If this information proves to be beneficial to the police and results in seizures, the public will receive a small monetary award.

We are working with partner agencies, to secure funding and are always looking at new and innovative ways to tackle the problem. Have you heard of our online messaging service ‘Keep in the Know’? By signing up to this service, for free, you can find out what’s happening in your local area – receive regular crime updates, information on road closures and learn about what your local neighbourhood policing team is doing. You can decide what agencies you wish to receive messages from when you sign up to the service. Head over to and click ‘Sign up’. It doesn’t take long and you can be kept up to date with many different things.

Have a lovely Easter but please continue to follow the government guidelines.

PC Holly McCabe