Dear Sir,
As we approach the general election, I note politicians of all colours are, as usual participating in a blame game mainly designed it would appear to hoodwink the electorate.
At national level Labour are blamed for emptying the coffers with no regard for the future of our great country.Meanwhile they are very busy pouring scorn on the efforts of the coalition government while at the same time refusing to put forward useful policies which may be helpful.
The Conservative party have introduced measures which have benefitted the rich and impoverished poorer elements of our society. Liberal Democrats have alienated themselves by refusing to follow through on promised university fee reforms.
UKIP, while displaying amateurish policies continue to gain ground as voters become more and more disaffected by the infighting and misleading comments from all parties.
Greens – We have all seen in recent times how efforts to save the world from climate induced extinction has resulted in extra costs to UK  plc whilst we have observed China, India, USA and other countries unshackled by the burden of environmental costs, benefit from low energy prices and wages, to the detriment of the UK economy.
Overpaid politicians seemingly don’t know what voters want and don’t appear to care as scandal after scandal is uncovered at the very heart of the establishment, going back years.
Prudence seems to be a very lonely and forgotten ideal in the corridors of Westminster which seems to only represent the views of Scotland over the rest of our nation. Can I point out that the previous two administrations were happy to warmonger and meddle with tinpot states who have a history of barbarity whilst tying the hands of our troops to ideological niceties.
Was it not one of these Scots- led governments that left us almost broke and bailed out the Bank of Scotland? Our reward for bailing out Scottish people and institutions was a demand for preferential treatment or a threat of leaving the union which was only narrowly averted, and will probably raise its head again at the next greedy opportunity.
As I wait for electioneering pamphlets to be delivered to my door, promising everything, I shall be reviewing those earlier promises which have not been delivered.
Local Politics unproductive blame game, innuendo and half-truths are again appearing in the columns of the Newton News from local politicians – point scoring. This makes for very tedious and boring reading as many of us have been forced to endure this twaddle for years.
May I make a suggestion that those thirty councillors representing our town and those County Councillors who represent us at Durham, write letters to the Newton News, pointing out what they have managed to achieve for their electorate in their current term, without harking back decades or engaging in a blame game with others.
This should have the effect of encouraging us to vote for industrious representatives whilst examining the record of those who are less industrious.We have unique opportunities available to our area and to take advantage of this we need unique individuals to drive progress in every field, including politics.
Name and address supplied