Dear Sir,
Alderman George Gray’s letter which defended himself against the previous vitriolic attack by Labour Councillor Eddy Adams is quite understandable as anyone has the right to correct misconceptions, errors and misleading statements particularly when they are made about themselves.
We have, of course, seen similar personalised attacks of this nature before in the columns of Newton News and there have been letters suggesting a “banging together of Town Councillor heads” from residents but our Councillors appear to have ignored these pleas for reasoned debate of the issues rather than personal vilification of Councillors.
It  seems to me that far too many of our Town Councillors are incapable of any rational or informed debate about almost any topic without resorting to slagging off one another, often through the columns of the Newton News. Time and again the issues seem to get forgotten and the personality clashes rise to the surface.
Town Councillors must understand they represent ALL of the residents of this town first and foremost and that includes the minority opinions and viewpoints. However, our Labour Party dominated Council seems to have forgotten that point and has over the last few years become something of a “clique” that will dismiss summarily any viewpoint that our independent or other Party Councillors may have. In other words, Labour does not listen.
I can well understand that it must be exasperating in the extreme for the non Labour party Council members who attend Council meetings to know that no matter what they may say or propose, the huge Labour majority renders their views irrelevant as the Labour view will always prevail even when it may not be best for our town.
The solution for us all is clear – At the next Council elections, we, the residents of Newton Aycliffe, must change the local political landscape and elect Town Councillors who will really put the interests of our town before the interests of their own political parties.
Dare I suggest we all consider voting for more Independents with no particular political affiliations but who have the interests of the town at heart?  I fear this will not happen and we will continue to see the ruling Labour clique dictating affairs. Wouldn’t it be nice though to see their majority slashed from our Town Council so that our Labour Councillors have to start listening to other viewpoints and even perhaps co-operating and talking to other party members? A coalition run Town Council, now there is a thought!
V Crichton.