Phil Wilson MP, visited Stiller in Newton Aycliffe to talk to employees about the upcoming EU referendum. Mr Wilson spoke to employees about the importance of the EU to jobs here in Newton Aycliffe, as well as the North East and the UK. He highlighted the impact leaving the EU single market would have on employers across the country, with businesses such as Hitachi and Nissan having recently warned that leaving the EU could force them to rethink and scale back their investment in our region.
Many businesses who come to this region state it is in part because of our EU membership. Whilst businesses acknowledge the attraction of the skilled workforce, but it is our access to the EU single market of over 500 million consumers that continues to seal the deal.
During the session Mr Wilson also highlighted the fact the North East is a net beneficiary of EU funds receiving nearly £600 million in EU structural funds alone. The money the North East receives from the EU helps create jobs and provide investment into the region, and it is unlikely that this government which continually cuts funding for councils and public services would realistically replace the North East’s EU funding.
Mr Wilson said “Voting to remain a member of the EU is a vote for jobs, prosperity and security. I want to ensure that companies like Hitachi are able to expand, creating more jobs for my constituents, leaving the EU would jeopardise this. Even those campaigning to leave have admitted doing so would have a negative impact on jobs and the economy.”
He added, “This decision is final. We will not have the chance to change our minds in 5 years’ time. On Thursday June 23rd I will be voting to remain a member of the EU because I believe it is in the best interests of not only my constituents, but the country as a whole.”