Our MP Phil Wilson recently attended a UNISON event which was raising awareness of the violence staff working for housing associations and charities face on a regular basis.
The issue of abuse is becoming an acute problem for many employees, with many UNISON members reporting that assaults are sometimes seen as part of the job.
Phil Wilson strongly believes no one at work should feel unsafe or feel that abuse is part of their work day, and is therefore writing to housing associations and third sector organisations asking them to sign up to UNISON’s ‘Violence at Work Charter’. The Charter is a reasonable list of ten steps employers can take, such as adequate training for staff and support for victims of violence, to help protect and ensure their employees safety whilst they are at work.
Speaking on UNISON’s initiative, Phil Wilson said ‘It is unacceptable that anyone should feel unsafe in their workplace, which is why I will be asking housing associations and charities in this area to sign up to UNISON’s ‘Violence at Work Charter’. The issue is a serious one and I hope that many organisations will consider signing up.’