It was a such a surprise for Lucy Brooks, a Mini Police Officer at Sugar Hill Primary school, when Ron Hogg, Police Commissioner, arrived at school to present her with a certificate and a medal for being the most helpful Mini Police Officer at the recent Superheroes Event held in Shildon. There are fifteen Mini Police at Sugar Hill. All the pupils were successfully appointed after completing applications and writing a pledge stating why they thought they should be appointed. PSCO Mike Crawford regularly visits school to support the pupils in their role. Mrs Legge, Deputy Head, who leads the initiative at the school said: “We are absolutely delighted to see Lucy’s willingness to help at events in the local community recognised in such a public way”. Mini Police Officers from Sugar Hill also attended the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Newton Aycliffe and all Mini Police have completed traffic surveillance at school. Ron thanked all the children for their commitment to the project, their work in school and the local community, and their excellent behaviour at police events.