Dear Sir,
Further to a recent correspondent I would like to clarify the origin of the statistic of ‘over 80%’ used by the MP Phil Wilson regarding local businesses who want the UK to remain in the EU.
Last summer Mr Wilson carried out a survey across Aycliffe Business Park, NetPark in Sedgefield and the industrial estate in Chilton in a bid to find out the opinions of businesses in his constituency towards the EU, and the potential impact of withdrawal.
The results of this survey, which was sent to over 200 businesses, revealed 86% of respondents favoured remaining in the EU (which is the statistic Mr Wilson is quoted as using).
Mr Wilson’s quote is therefore factual and can be substantiated by the results of the research he conducted.
This clear support by local businesses of EU membership however, isn’t confined to one survey.
The North East Chamber of Commerce recently revealed that 63% of businesses across the region want to remain in the EU, with only 29.3% planning to vote leave in June.
Moreover, the EEF released a report which stated only 5% of manufacturers backed leaving the EU. The independent research shows that 61% of manufacturers want to stay in the EU, and 82% believe it does not make sense for the UK to cut itself from its major market and consider the UK to have a key role in helping the EU deliver greater value and efficiency.
Over the coming weeks and months Phil will further outline his position on Europe, dispelling the myths and misconceptions that are being put forward by those advocating for the UK to leave the EU.
Paul Trippett
Office Manager to
Phil Wilson MP