Leading UK road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has said the government needs to make bigger efforts in the areas of drink-drive campaigning and rehabilitation, better enforcement of driving standards and increased education on road safety if we want to see any reduction on the stagnant road casualty statistics announced on 4th August by the Department for Transport. The charity said that after decades of good progress, the past five years have seen a disappointing plateau which is not acceptable. Today’s figures show there has been no reduction in drink-drive deaths since 2010 – remaining at 240 deaths a year; there has been no reduction in total road deaths and a 2% increase in serious casualties in the past 12 months (to 31 March 2016). Tim Shallcross, head of technical policy at IAM RoadSmart, said: “The Government must get to grips with five years of disappointing figures now. It needs to show stronger leadership to really drive down road deaths and serious injuries in the future. “Road deaths are a serious issue; 35 people a week die in crashes throughout the country. In any other sphere, that would provoke national outrage, rule the headlines for months and provoke urgent government action. It happens week in week out on our roads and it merits barely a mention. “More action on drink driving, more on-road enforcement of driving standards and more publicity and education are urgently needed if we are to return to the gains made before 2010. “IAM Roadsmart urges the government to take back the initiative and put forward credible plans to address this vital issue.”