First picture 02/12/2018 – Second picture 20/09/2019 I have thought for a couple of weeks now about sharing these pictures and I didn’t have the nerve too, but tonights group has given me the motivation I needed. When I joined Slimming World I had no expectations and just thought I’d give it a go because something needed to change and something was better than nothing. Moving to a new area and having a baby had definitely taken it’s toll and the comfort eating had gotten way out of hand. I don’t recognise the person in the first picture and I can’t believe that was me and I let myself get like that. 38 weeks, 4 stone down in total and this week I won Miss Slinky 2019. I am buzzing! Everyone in the group is on a journey and you are all doing amazing. Well done guys and thank you. I could not be happier or prouder of myself and I’ve promised myself that I will never get like that again. I will stick at it and maintain my weight loss to be who I want to be. Next stop . . . TARGET!