In anticipation of the proposed release from lockdown Co. Durham Friendship Force had arranged a Mid-Summer Madness meal on 21st June at the Bay Horse at Middridge.

We have all been locked down for so long that the committee for County Durham Friendship Force agreed to organise a meal out at the Bay Horse in Middridge. Tables will be set in line with current restrictions and we would love anyone who has an interest in socialising and holidaying to come along and have a meal and a chat. Meals can be ordered and paid for directly with staff to comply with social distancing.

Over the past 18 months the pandemic has had us all confined to our homes and, as an organisation, we have missed trips to Japan and the Belgium Coast and they have not been able to host people from Japan and Atlanta. Social events had been stopped too, including, Christmas Lunch, St Georges day lunch, trips out, and other social events, but they feel it is time to break out, so why not be part of our Midsummer Madness breakout. Telephone Cynthia on 01325 313055, or just pop along to Middridge to the Bay Horse on Monday 21st June at 1pm, seating area will be organised to accommodate 24 people and comply with social distancing.