Dear Sir,

I have received a letter from DCC Traffic Assets proposing an extension to the existing 40mph speed limit to cover the new access roundabout. Whilst this is clearly essential, I have replied making two points:

(1) The Extension of the Proposed 40mph Zone

It strikes me that, at just c. 25 metres, the new zone starts far too close to the roundabout. At Highway Code figures, this would require vehicles to be already travelling at 30 MPH when they meet the 40mph sign. Someone travelling at 60mph requires three times that distance – 73 metres – to come to a stop.

(2) The Extension of the Proposed 40mph

I have asked that they consider extending the 40mph zone all the way to Middridge, which is only 750 metres further. This has been the request of Middridge Parish Council for many years and I note that this stretch of Middridge Road:

• passes a settlement of six houses at a particularly narrow point where there is a bus stop;

• includes three access/egress points for vehicular traffic;

• lacks verges, includes a blind brow and is subject to frequent flooding.


The construction of the roundabout and the necessary amendment of the 40mph zone presents a real opportunity to extend the 40mph zone right through to Middridge, which will make this whole stretch of road safer, and will help to reduce speeding through Middridge Village. If you want to have your say on the proposal, you need to email before Friday 4th December.

Cllr John D Clare

(Aycliffe North & Middridge)