“Friends of West Park” want to keep you informed of developments within the Park and as such we are holding a meeting at 7pm on the 15th April at the Royal British Legion club in the upstairs  lounge. We would appreciate your views, ideas and involvement in revitalising this beautiful facility
Present at the meeting will be local councillors and officers of the Great Aycliffe Town Council who will give a small presentation on what can be done to improve the park and its facilities for public use.
This wonderful park has been a boating lake area, but has recently taken centre stage in the collective thoughts of Great Aycliffe Town Council and Friends of West Park, the new community organisation.
Various people and organisations are now coming forward with offers of help advice and support for the ongoing project and ideas will be welcomed either at the meeting or just drop a note to myself or any member so that we can consider your views.
From my involvement with various local groups I am aware of many projects and ideas being suggested to rejuvenate this fantastic and beautiful park from flowerbeds, benches and restoration of the boating facility, which many of us loved as youngsters; to the provision of an enhanced and expanded play area.
Of course, we live in a very different world post government cuts; where our councils are under immense pressure to keep a lid on spending. Nevertheless our community have many skills which can be harnessed for the benefit of Newton Aycliffe and there is a lot of funding out there for voluntary groups to improve the environment where they live.
I believe with the support of our Town and County Councillors we could create something that we could all be proud of and leave as a legacy to following generations.
Ken Robson, Chaiman, Tel 321471,  e-mail: Ken_robson@lineone.net