Dear Sir,

This is written on behalf of my son.

To all the unsuspecting men out there, beware, as there are some very evil women around.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of domestic abuse, like I did, act on them and run as fast as your legs can carry you and tell people what your abuser is doing to you. Please do not keep it to yourself hoping it will stop, because it won’t. Things will only get worse.

Yes “men” do suffer from domestic abuse, it is not just women who are victims. So get out and report these criminals before it is too late.

Don’t leave it like I did, you don’t get any medals for putting up with it, only humiliation and demoralization.

Their aim is to control and belittle you, this is not “love” it is CRUELTY.

But with love and care from my true friends, I will get through this nightmare.

You might not be so lucky, so please listen to my advice, get out now and keep your sanity. Remember, there are some good people out there – reach out to them.

These are words of a male victim, written by his mother, who directly becomes a victim of the abuser.

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