When will the government realise that times have changed and voting methods will have to change too, using modern technology and media communication? They bemoan the fact that turnouts at Voting Stations are getting worse yet we persist in following election procedures used since we first got the right to vote in 1800 when about 3 in 100 could vote.

The numbers allowed the vote increased through 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1928 that everyone over the age of 21 could vote. Now it is 18 and over with talk of bringing it down to 16. At a recent MP By-Election the turnout was less than 20%.and the poll for Police commissioner was only 10%.

If you want the public to vote make it as easy as texting, e-mailing or voting on-line. It is not beyond the skill of IT technicians to ensure security and a safe vote. Think of the money it would save in hiring polling stations, printing voting papers organising postal voting and employing staff. It would also save closing 1000’s of schools across the country the cause of great inconvenience to parents.

Talk of mandatory voting is too radical, but modernising the way we vote could improve the numbers. One could visualise groups of people discussing the merits or otherwise of the candidates and voting on their mobile phones – which are now part of their hands.