Children in County Durham are being encouraged to get lost in a good book over the summer holidays by logging on to an interactive online library service.

Fiction Express enables children to access a wide range of books on a home computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The site, which aims to motivate children to read for pleasure, also allows teachers to set summer reading challenges for pupils.

It is currently being rolled out to schools across County Durham by Durham Learning Resource, the school library service provided by Durham County Council.

Cllr Olwyn Gunn, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for children and young people’s services, said: “I incredibly important that we do what we can to support children in continuing to read and learn during the six week holidays, whether that’s picking up a book or accessing one online.

“This allows children to learn while at the same time having fun.”

During term time, children can read ‘live’ books, which are presented in weekly instalments with readers given the opportunity to contribute ideas that are weaved into the story by the author.

They can also log-on at home at any time and access more than 100 completed stories.

Each book ends with a comprehension quiz, with teachers able to view pupils’ results.

Families are encouraged to contact their child’s school to find out if it is signed up to the service.

Schools can find out more by calling Durham Learning Resources on 03000 263 781 or by emailing