In what is The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s 30th Anniversary we had hoped to make this year’s Annual Convention a special celebration of what this amazing organisation has achieved. Sadly, the continued impact of COVID-19 scuppered our plans for this year. However, this year’s Annual Convention was run as a virtual on The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s YouTube channel and we thought it might be of interest to you. This is the direct link It is also available for viewing via

As usual, the presentations looked at the Trust’s achievements since the last Convention including Tornado’s unfortunately limited main line operations and looked forward into the 2021 programme. It also provided a progress update on the construction of Prince of Wales and the opportunity to ‘virtually’ view the current state-of-play (by way of a fantastic video walkaround the engine and workshops by David Elliott and Daniela Filova) with the locomotive at Darlington Locomotive Works.