Little Millie struggles to understand why she couldn’t go to nursery and see her friends, so mum writes book to help her understand.

When Lockdown first started Millie found it really hard, the three-year-old couldn’t see her friends at nursery or her grandparents, so her mum wrote a book to help her understand. The book has been released digitally for other parents whose young children might be struggling. You can download it for free from:

Jillian Johnston, the author is a local Artist and Teacher, she lives in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham and works for The Auckland Project as a Learning Officer. “I have always wanted to write a book and this was something I felt was important.

I thought that other parents could benefit from the story in the same way that Millie has, it might cheer them up abit – its tricky being inside a lot with little ones.

The story gives activity ideas as well as explaining the virus in very simple terms for young children. Millie loves the story; she loves seeing herself and her brother in the pages.”

A paper back version of the book will be released next week available to buy on Amazon and an ebook is now available to buy on Amazon. The book is also available as a free download from Jillian’s website. All profits will be given to a charity of Millie’s choice.