Dear Sir,
Major credit to Town Councillors in both Newton Aycliffe and Ferryhill for condemning Durham County Council’s policy of removing lights from the Great North Road A167.
This decision is as much baffling for its daft waste of money as it is vindictive in its refusal to acknowledge the views of people who will be affected.
Allegedly a core of 200+ were allowed to influence a decision which will affect detrimentally not only the general population of South West Durham but also the thousands of people who pass through this area daily.
If County Durham aims for excellence as its public relations would have us believe, this is a peculiar way to demonstrate it. By reducing lighting to the lowest possible denominator of British Standards, we have to say goodbye to striving for betterment RIP words like exemplary, consummate, commendable, perfect, admirable, and praiseworthy.
Of course anyone can consult then ignore the consultation but this is far from creditable behaviour for a County Council.
I would suggest we keep this and other issues alive by reviewing them shortly before the elections in 2017 when we can perform our very own consultation and take the relevant action through the ballot box.
Ken Robson –
Resident of this Parish