Dear Sir,

I am a local Artist, an Aycliffe resident and Head of Art at Sedgefield Community College. During lockdown, Turner prize winner, Grayson Perry, produced a programme on Channel 4, ‘Grayson’s Art Club’, as part of this he put a call out for other artists and members of the public to submit their work for an exhibition based on the thoughts, feelings and emotions lockdown and COVID-19 had created.

I’m delighted to say my mixed media collage piece “I don’t really know now, what I thought I knew then” was one of six pieces selected as part of the ‘Fantasy’ theme. My work will be exhibited as part of Grayson Perry’s exhibition, in a London gallery, once we return to normality.

Aside from being an Art Teacher, I’m also part of an Artist group, Gilkes Street Artists, based on Teesside and I exhibit my work regularly with them. I also have a solo exhibition coming up at Crown StreetGgallery (Darlington Library) in early 2021, but being a massive fan of Grayson Perry (even naming my dog after him!), I am most excited about this opportunity. Never did I think a pandemic would lead to my work being in a London gallery!

Leanne Jackson