Dear Sir,

I, like many, am always concerned about the impact of human nature on our surroundings. There are many things that as individuals we cannot control environmentally.

However, LITTER is most definitely one aspect of pollution, we as, individual members of society, can CONTROL!

There is no excuse for dumping litter anywhere. It frustrates me that activist, Extinction Rebellion, point the finger of blame at the government, when it is all to blatantly clear that many individual members of society really don’t give a hoot about our beloved earth.

Perhaps Extinction Rebellion would be better placed on street corners, catching those mindless morons who continue to brazenly dump their personal litter.

The above photos don’t show the full state of the road and should anyone be concerned about the state of the road by the substation at Forest Park, I would very much like to see them actioning a clean up!

Name and address supplied