Dear Editor,
I read with interest Durham County Council are tightening up on “Fly Tipping” and rightly so, but I think that they need to tighten up on litter. I refer in particular to the Greenwell Road land near Tesco and Argos.
From the town park down to Aldi is an utter disgrace. Back in July I reported this to DCC nothing was done I then asked the Town Council to offer support which was done. However, having spoken with local councillors and DCC officers they keep telling me it is not their land.
I consider this to be a cop out, because under the environment control act the County Council has the power to ensure enforcement action. My concern is what is in the rubbish and the danger to members of the public who use our centre, including mothers with young children. Can you give support to ensure that this issue is dealt with and get people to take a walk from the Town Park towards the Dalton Way end and see the amount of litter thrown around.
It is only a short time ago that I got Cllr Brian Hall and Joan Gray to get the road adopted. I would have thought the County Council would also include in that adoption the paths and edges.
Vince Crosby
Editor: Newton News tackled this problem last year and it was discovered the area in question should be kept litter free by the County Council.