Aycliffe Business Park is one of the greenest industrial spaces around and many of the people who work there enjoy the lovely views from the office or on a walk during lunch breaks. Unfortunately, the look of the area is being spoilt by the amount of litter being left behind.

Here at Sabre Rail, we have decided to take action by organising a regular litter pick, in order to improve the local environment so that it looks cleaner and more presentable and to make the Business Park a place we can be proud of.

We feel that it will also be a great opportunity to meet some of our neighbours, get some gentle exercise and achieve something really valuable at the same time.

The local Council are kindly supporting our efforts, as well as a few local companies in the area including Travik Chemicals and ALM Products.

Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, please visit our page on litteraction.org.uk/sabre-rail for updates of our upcoming litter picks.