A blind rescue dog found her furry tail ending when she was adopted by a new owner who immediately fell in love with her. When little Bella arrived at Dogs Trust Darlington in the summer, staff were concerned that they would have their work cut out finding a home for a six month old, completely blind puppy. However the tenacious little Terrier soon revealed she was a real character who would not let her disability hold her back. Bella quickly won the hearts of the Rehoming Centre staff through her bubbly, bouncy character and incredible zest for life.

Bella was born blind and she was handed into the Centre in Sadberge when she was just a puppy by her owners who felt they could care for her as she was frightened of their other dogs. Fortunately she had only been at Centre for a month when she was spotted by dog lover Lindsey Claydon and it wasn’t long before she was absolutely smitten with mischievous little Bella.

Said Lindsey: “I had been to the Centre twice in search of the perfect pooch when staff asked me if I would mind taking a look at a very special little dog. As soon as I was introduced to Bella I knew she was the only dog for me. She is such an affectionate, sweet natured girl and she has fitted into my life perfectly.

The fact that she is blind has never been an issue because I expected adopting any dog to have certain challenges so I have only ever considered that Bella’s condition makes her extra special and unique”

“Bella is no trouble out on walks as she rarely bumps into things as she seems to have developed a sixth sense but I do let her know if I move anything around the house”.

Dogs Trust Darlington cares for around 120 abandoned and unwanted dogs at any one time. If you are interested in a rescue dog call the Centre directly on 01325 333114 or visit Hill House Farm, Sadberge, Co Durham, DL2 1SL.