Base-Jumping Without a Parachute

Dear Sir,

It strikes me that Theresa May is just about as good at negotiating as she was at being ‘strong and stable’. It would be amusing if the future prosperity and wellbeing of all our people did not depend on the outcome.

She started by spending nigh on eighteen months discussing with her Tory colleagues, what they actually wanted.

But then she informed the EU what she wanted, as though that was now the end of the matter.

And now that the EU isn’t simply giving her what she has asked for, she is berating them in public for their ‘lack of respect’, as though the EU cares one jot what she thinks of them … and as though British public opinion has one jot of relevance in what is essentially a financial negotiation with the EU. All that nonsense is proving that she doesn’t understand what the word ‘negotiate’ means.


Make no mistake. Threatening the EU with a no deal Brexit is akin to telling your plumber that if he doesn’t offer you a cheaper quote you’ll start hitting your sink with a hammer.

The EU doesn’t CARE what she thinks or says. They are hard-balling the negotiation to get the best deal they can for themselves. What else did anybody expect – that’s what you do in a trade negotiation. And the thing that some people in this country need to get their head around is the fact that it is going to be the same with every one of those new trade deals we were assured would be so ‘easy’ when we left the EU.


It’s when they start banging on about Dunkirk and how we survived the privations of the war that the alarms bells really ought to start ringing. Think about what 1940 was “really” like. And now think whether you want to go back to that kind of situation … voluntarily!!! Do we REALLY want to take our young people’s futures back two generations?

And I am not writing as a ‘Remoaner’ moaning. Surely ‘Leavers’ too are watching with horror as the Prime Minister wrecks all their hopes of a better Britain and sails the ship of state onto the rocks.

We have an incompetent leading the negotiations, with a set of madmen lined up as possible successors if she goes.


For Goodness sake, please let’s have an election, get rid of this Tory Party which seems hell-bent on ruining the country in some way or other, and put in a government which at least wants to talk sensibly with the EU.

And, ultimately, if a decent deal cannot be done, why should it not go to a ‘People’s Vote’? It would be hypocritical in the extreme for the same people who demanded the EU referendum on the basis that the people had a right to decide, to now turn round and deny the right of the people to have their say on the deal.

John D Clare


Lunatics Running The Asylum

Dear Sir,

Now that Britain now finds itself in a very dark place and the lunatics are running the asylum, why would an MP want to ignore the Constituents democratic vote to Leave the EU?

The voters of the Sedgefield Constituency voted to Leave and our MP Phil Wilson has decided his Constituents are all stupid, have no idea what they voted for and has betrayed their decision, by attending a march this coming weekend to rub our noses with his arrogance.

In Sedgefield, Darlington and other areas in the NE we have Labour politicians who no longer serve or respect the will of the people or their views. These same MPs believe Voters MUST accept, foreigners who demand that WE must surrender to their beliefs and culture to accommodate theirs. News channels that wont report the truth, but instead promote EU leftwing propaganda, a Law Enforcement that protects terrorists, rapists and paedophiles, instead of removing them to keep the rest of society safe. A Labour London Mayor who says that being murdered by Islamic followers is part and parcel of everyday life. Brussels aiding the opposition to undermine British politics and the people’s right to a fair democratic vote. An opposition Political Party that REFUSE to respect and implement the will of the people, and a leftwing narrative being forced down the throats of our young, pretending that all these injustices are perfectly normal. And at the next election after treating us all as stupid, because ONLY the MPs know best………will want our Vote.

Our current system is not flawed, it’s broken beyond repair and no longer fit for purpose. It appears that this polluted liberal attitude to life is amoral, dangerous and abnormal in its nature and our own politicians have betrayed the words and beliefs of their forefathers, in order to help promote this agenda of chaos and insanity – DELIBERATELY to undermine our sovereignty.

I look forward to Phil Wilson knocking on my door for his Vote. The response will not be want he is expecting.


Clive Taylor-Sholl

Newton Aycliffe


Bad Driving

Dear Sir,

A couple of months back, I read an article in the Newton News by a reader who was appalled by the ‘bad manners / thoughtless driving’ of car drivers around the town; well! Let’s get this into perspective, it’s not just Aycliffe, it’s everywhere!

What most drivers seem to think, is that because they have passed their driving test, that means they are now qualified drivers who know how to drive; what it actually means is that you are entitled to drive a car unaccompanied, and you are now beginning to learn all about the problems associated with being in charge of maybe 2 tonnes of lethal weapon!

You have possibly acquired a brand new vehicle, which has new everything, a powerful efficient engine, new tyres and brakes to match (it won’t always have); from almost day one you may do many things while you drive, which, had you done them on your driving test, you would have failed, not only would you have failed, the test examiner would have told you to return to the test centre, and that the test was over, and advise you to take more lessons!

Things I have observed, ‘driver on a phone, smoking, putting on makeup, singing along to a favourite track or shouting and gesticulating at the car in front to ‘get a move on’.

Try this test, drive down Burnhill Way and observe the speed limit (though this road is wide enough to land a Jumbo on, it’s 30mph MAX!!)

Observe that all vehicles behind you will catch you up, and all in front will pull away, the ones who catch you up, will tailgate you, in an effort to make you go faster, just for the record, I slow to 25mph! to lessen the impact, when that driver finds out that his ‘now three year old tyres’, don’t work as well as they did when the car was new.

As a qualification, I offer over 50 years of learning to drive (cars, motorbikes, large vans) 25 years of doing up to 60 thousand miles a year for my job, and 130 thousand miles driving all over Europe, and last but not least, 35 years in the tyre industry, learning all about when tyres grip, and when they don’t and when it’s icy, no matter what quality, or how new they are, ‘THEY DON’T!’

To finish, I know one family, where two members got pulled on Burnhill Way, £100 + 3 points each, so it does happen!

Your day might come!

Mine won’t, regardless of how hard you push from behind and best get used to the idea that ‘tailgating’, is soon to become an offence, carrying very big penalties (loss of licence?).

Neil McKee.


Second Referendum – A ‘Loser’s’ Vote

Dear Sir,

The National Momentum/Labour Party Conference has voted to keep a ‘losers’ vote on the table, a move that was apparently supported by North East Momentum/Labour parties. Did the ‘Labour’ members of this divided party support this motion? Labour Leave Voters need to know!

Since the Referendum Brexit Vote, the Remain lobby have accused, the now disbanded Leave Campaign of lies; the most prominent being the alleged ‘promise’ on the ‘Big Red Bus’. Any reasonably intelligent person can tell the difference between a promise and a mere SUGGESTION. Leave voters are been called ‘morons’ and ‘lunatics and worse by people who do not understand simple English! The latest being Kier Starmer at the Momentum/Labour Conference.

When Remain supporters call for another (loser’s) Referendum they say that they are doing so for their children’s sake. This is a direct insult to everyone who voted ‘Leave’. I voted Leave for my children’s benefit and they also voted Leave! I’ve no reason to assume that all of my fellow Leave voters did otherwise. I’m not aware of any great number Leave voters who killed their first-born to justify them, selfishly, voting Leave.

The majority voted Leave and somehow this is supposed to being denying future generations of their democratic right. Once we have properly left the EU any Remainer can start to campaign for us to re-join the EU. However, before you support such a move, be aware that since we joined the Common Market the EU has introduced the Euro, and now insists that new members also join the Euro! Try and sell membership of the Euro and an annual nett contribution of £8 to £10 Billion to your children as being the bargain of the year, or to their benefit!

Since the last General Election most of the voters in the North East of England have been disenfranchised by the LIE that the Labour/Momentum Party told in its Manifesto. The Labour/Momentum Party Manifesto stated:

“Labour accepts the referendum result and a Labour government will put the national interest first” And

“We will end Theresa May’s reckless approach to Brexit, and seek to unite the country around a Brexit deal that works for every community in Britain.”

No mention of a ‘Loser’s’ vote or of NOT LEAVING!

Andy Burnham, Labour’s elected Mayor of Manchester has warned that even supporting a second Referendum could lead to civil unrest in his city. When are the Remainers going to accept that they lost a democratic vote! The establishment, in the form of the Electoral Commission, has already strengthened the resolve of the Leave camp by failing to prove financial impropriety by the Leave Campaign. Also, the attempts to accuse the Leave campaign of benefiting from Russian support soon became ‘fake news’.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P G Welsh.