Dear Sir, I would like to thank Cllr Paul Kjenstad for his recent letter. I never asked him to consider resigning, as it would cause another unnecessary costly byelection. I assumed he would not be standing this time around. and the fact he has outed himself  is his choice.   It may be legal for him to stand because you work at a shop  in Newton Aycliffe, but if he is living in Darlington is it the right thing to do?  He and the  local Labour Party Branch clearly think so, but  somehow I think the residents of Byerley Park, Horndale and Cobblers Hall, especially the Labour Voters in that Ward, would  rather have a candidate who lives in the Town.  Voters don’t like being taken for granted  and I suspect that in that Ward in May,  they will chose to punish Labour for putting up someone who lives in Darlington, to stand in their Ward, for our Town Council.  I don’t think this will bring in votes for Labour nor reflect any credit on them, but rather  damage the chances of all the Labour candidates in that ward.  It Legal – But is it Right? is courageous  but misses the point.  Councillors are there to serve the public, not the public there to serve councillors. Thanks Paul  for giving me credit for trying to get the Simpasture Park footpaths repaired. Perhaps if we hadn’t had four unnecessary By elections within one year that money could have been spent on repairs. But at least I tried to do something about them.          Cllr Arun Chandran