Dear Editor,
As an individual who was employed by a European company for 20 years, I feel it necessary to give my opinion on the EU referendum debate.
The idea that the UK doesn’t have Sovereignty is ludicrous. If we didn’t have sovereignty why did we hold a General Election last year and elect 650 MP’s, and why do we elect MEP’s to the European Parliament?
The idea that Brussel’s dictates the majority of laws in the UK is nonsense as according to official statistics 13.2% of UK law is related to the EU. And a lot of those laws that do come from the EU are there to protect us. Thanks to the EU’s Social Chapter, we are protected at work.
In fact leaving the EU could harm our sovereignty! Most campaigning to leave admit they want to stay in the single market, but access to the single market is dependent on accepting EU rules. So in reality, if we leave the EU, the UK will still be subject to the same EU rules as they are now, except we will have no say in Brussels on what these rules actually are.
In my opinion, leaving the EU will make us weaker, and truly subject to rules we had no say in making.
Lynn Leach