Dear Sir,

Honest John’s Aycliffe Community Kitty has got off to a great start in it’s new premises with customers and donations pouring in from day one.

With expenses for relocation amounting to approximately £1500 including deposit for the unit at £1125 (which is reimbursed on leaving).

Donations have still been made to:

Zanshin-Kai Karate – £500

Newton Aycliffe WI – £500

Baby Basics – £300

Pop In Social – £300

I am sorry for your initial confusion in finding the new premises, which in the beginning was not so straight forward, but I am pleased you did.

For those who haven’t yet made it, take the first left on Durham Way South, then the final left, then right to unit 29. I look forward to seeing you, open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.


PS: Overheads for the charity are priced at £540 per month + electric; public liability insurance is £160 per year.

I pay for transport to and from out of my own pocket, which I think is how it should be, I like to keep expenses to a minimum – it’s a pity national charities can not do the same!