Dear Sir,

As a landlord with several properties in this area. I too am worried about the proposed regeneration plans.

I previously lived in the area and loved the sense of community, friendship and also the green space available to all residents.

I only recently found out about Livin’s plans and have since been in contact with them. Livin have said they have contacted all landlords and residents in the area in Autumn last year.

I’m not sure if these claims can be backed up as I and several other landlords I know have yet to be contacted.

Livin are due to report back to their managers about recent consultations on the 11th May 2018. So my advice to anyone who hasn’t managed to meet with Livin so far is to contact them urgently.

I want all voices to be heard on this matter, residents, tenants, landlords, homeowners, families, couples, contractors – everyone’s views are valid.

Let your voice be heard and don’t let Livin bully you into thinking that “Option 3” is the best option for everyone in the area. To book an appointment with Livin call 01388 424683.

Concerned Landlord