Dear Sir,

Aycliffe Reply was formed to tell voters the truth: • Have you noticed big cuts in services?  Labour has a good record at Town and County Council saving services in these times of austerity.

• Neighbourhood Budgets are a LABOUR policy and have made a big difference for Newton Aycliffe.

• We are proud of Labour’s campaign our candidates have years of experience & know what they are talking about & have worked their socks off.

• Only our Labour councillors have a joint Town & County programme for future improvements.

• Labour councillors work as a team please elect them as a team.

• Looking at the Independent list shows that they don’t even know which ward to campaign in a leaflet was circulated around the Byerley Park and Horndale yet are applying to stand in Aycliffe West.

So how can they represent to people?

Aycliffe Reply. (members are anonymous to each other, and our letters a collection from different contributors).