Dear Editor,
I am very disappointed and concerned to hear that, given Liz Kendell’s neo-Liberal and pro austerity rhetoric, our MP Phil Wilson is backing her in the Labour leadership election.
In the next five years thousands of vulnerable people will be suffering and dying directly due to the ideology of austerity which is being used as an excuse to continue to dismantle our NHS, welfare safety net and human rights, purely to profit a minority.
We need an effective and united opposition to this regime, which will promote the modern and progressive anti-austerity agenda and fight to save our NHS and protect the poorest, sick and most vulnerable.
There is only one candidate that has the moral principles and grassroots experience, is anti-austerity and is willing to work with other anti-austerity parties, and that is Jeremy Corbyn.
The Labour executive has ignored its grassroot members for too long, cutting itself off from these roots and then wondering why it bore no fruit at the last election.
I plead with Labour members and supporters to vote for Jeremy, (you can become a supporter for £3 to get a vote) and not only save the Labour Party from further decline into Tory lite, for private profit, neo-Liberal thinking, but to give working people a real voice in Parliament against the horror of further Tory cuts.
Miss K Beetham.