Dear Sir,

After reading last week’s Newton News I was so angry, it’s time the public knew what’s going on regarding the Labour party in Newton Aycliffe. I’m appalled at the bullying tactics and lies being told about Dorothy Bowman.

To like or dislike the lady is your choice but no one can deny the amount of work she does in the community. The two signatures of the letter in the Newton News slating her last week just happen to be the daughters of a Labour councillor.

I’m sick to death of underhand, sly actions, people should concentrate on their own failings “re the Northern Echo Article regarding a Labour town councillor who is currently being investigated” He has accused Dorothy of what he himself is been investigated for!

As for Dorothy Bowman planning to stand in the forthcoming West Ward By Election but changing her mind and getting her friend to stand I’ve never read such rubbish. I know for a fact the lady who is standing does not know Dorothy and only met her for the first time on Tuesday the 10th May after I rang Dorothy to help her to fill in the election forms. This candidate has had no influence from anyone she is a resident of the West Ward and asked me how she could apply. I would suggest Councillor Chandran checks his facts before spouting point scoring garbage to the media. It would be beneficial for the town, if all councillors were Independent, there is no need for politics in a Town Council, all we need is people that want the best for our town.

All the major decisions are decided at Labour meetings before any council meetings and this is probably why there are hardly ever public questions or public at council meetings. Maybe they know it’s a farce – lndependent councillors are patronised and given the “crumbs at the table ” of places on committees. The Mayoral Chain is passed back and forward like pass the parcel between Labour Councillors and God forbid they ever gave an Independent the honour of serving our town as Mayor or Mayoress! Councillor Chandran bemoans the cost of By elections, yet fails to mention that the last few have been forced by Labour Councillors resignations, and some of these were talked into standing just to keep the seats from the opposition! I find it disturbing that an ill Councillor was hounded to resign, when other Labour Councillors that had poor attendance were just told “show your face now and then” but they did have the decency to resign after non- attendance at many meetings As for ‘Labour will just run with one less councillor, rather than have a costly By election’ Does he really think that people believe that they would not co-opt a Labour member onto the council?

I’m pleased that the underhand dealings are now being exposed to the general public, I urge the West Ward residents to get out and vote, for someone who actually lives there and wants the best for us, and hasn’t been pressured to stand. I hope this letter will be printed as I’ve had many people come up to me saying the Newton News should be renamed the “Labour News” and they can’t be bothered to read it anymore, due to long winded sanctimonious ramblings of Labour Councillors. Isn’t that a shame, when they used to look forward to the arrival of the Newton News through their letterbox?

Irene Hewitson

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