Dear Sir,

Open Letter to MP Phil Wilson and Sedgefield Labour Party

I voted to LEAVE the E.U. in the Referendum. MP Phil Wilson said he would respect the result. Indeed, he voted to activate Article 50 which set the clock running on our departure from the E.U. However, the Mother of Parliaments has got ‘her knickers in a twist’ with MPs regularly failing to properly represent the majority of Leave Voters.

Both myself and my wife have had to renew our passports (at a total cost of £182.00). We did this as they had expired, and in the belief that democracy and common sense would prevail and that we would, in fact, Leave in accordance with the current law, on 31st October 2019.

We are both now in receipt of new British passports in which, “Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires etc.”. It makes you proud to be British and free of the E.U. shackles!

Phil Wilson is agitating for a second Referendum. The Green Party support him but say that a Remain result would be implemented under the Referendum Act while a Leave result would have to go back to Parliament to be fudged again! They would still try and stop Leave! It is inconceivable that the Mother of Parliaments could sink so low! Or that our MP would have anything to do with this nonsense! It is both unfair and undemocratic!

Since the General Election (following the Referendum) the Labour/Momentum Party have decided to U-turn on Brexit, thus, disenfranchising any Leave voters who voted Labour in the mistaken belief that Labour supported Leave in their Manifesto.

The matter is now clear. If Boris cannot get us out by the end of October there will have to be a General Election. Leave voters will then have to forego any party loyalty they have, such that we can elect a “Peoples Parliament” with a Leave majority. The choice will be UKIP, Conservative or the Brexit Party. If you want to Leave and you support any of the foregoing, it is a MUST that you tell your Party that you want them to collaborate such that the Leave vote is not split. Let Remainers vote for the undemocratic Labour/Momentum (Anti-Semitic) Party, the Lib-Dems, the Greens or Change!

As far as I am concerned my Government has issued me a proper British Passport that future Governments MUST honour.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh