Dear Sir,
A Tesco customer left a note on my car making disparaging remarks thinking I was parked in a bay reserved for disabled, which if he had checked properly would see I wasn’t! The bay referred to is next to the footpath on the second row of cars next to the pedestrian crossing opposite the main entrance.
It is the only bay not marked for use of disabled people on a long row of bays. It is a little bigger than most so allowed me to park the size of vehicle I was driving.
As a parent of young children I too find it frustrating being unable to find a suitable spot as they are always taken up by customers who clearly have no children.
I have never, or ever will, park in a bay marked for disabled, as I am not authorised.
Whilst I appreciate the frustration of the mistaken customer, I think his parking monitoring  efforts would be better chanelled talking to the Superstore to come up with a plan of action that does not include putting unsuitable notes on windscreens of innocent customers.
Former Tesco customer, awaiting an apology.