Dear Sir,

I applaud Honest John for his humour and recycling skills (letter of the 20th September).

We have now finished delivering our 12500 Lib Dem leaflets across Newton Aycliffe and urge residents to join us to end years of Labour failure.

Honest John’s support for the Tories isn’t to be applauded though. Tory failure, both nationally and locally, has let down Newton Aycliffe.

Under-investment in public services like the NHS and our schools is serious.

A failure to make sure our armed forces personnel have decent equipment to keep them safe is shocking.

The cutting of 20,000 police officers followed by a commitment to recruit 20,000 is a cynical attack on our intelligence.

On Durham County Council it is Lib Dem councillors leading the fight against Labour waste and incompetence like Labour’s building of a £50 million HQ on a flood plain.

It’s the Lib Dems challenging Labour’s failure to bring in 2030 climate change targets.

It is the Lib Dems demanding Labour invest some of the £224 million of reserves in frontline services.

The reality is that the Tories are an irrelevance in County Durham and are now a far right party intent on selling out the NHS to the private sector.

Whilst Labour are in danger of becoming the communist party under Corbyn, hell bent on dragging us back to a 1970s economic catastrophe.

Only the Lib Dems, with their leader Jo Swinson, have the policies, both locally and nationally, to protect our public services and renew our economy for the future.

It’s time for change. It’s time to vote Lib Dem.

Kind regards

Michael Stead

Liberal Democrat